SAILKOTE™ Plus Application

Sailkote being applied to a sail
  • MILDEW PROTECTION - Virtually eliminates the chances of mildew attack
  • IN MAST FURLING - Easier in mast furling
  • REDUCED WEAR - Less friction and chafing
  • SAIL SETTING - Offwind sails handle and set easily
  • CLEANER AND DRYER SAILS - Repels water. Dirt resistant
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD - Tried and tested on thousands of sails

It's All in the Application

As effective as SAILKOTE Plus is, SAILKOTE PLUS UK has worked out there are methods that MUST be employed to maximize not only the application of the Sailkote on your sails, but also the effectiveness and longevity of SAILKOTE Plus.

We have many stories about those that tried to apply the SAILKOTE Plus themselves using less than the equipment and space required. The results were less than desirable. Through our experience, we have arrived at the correct formulation for a given sail and sail fabric. This guarantees the correct amount of SAILKOTE Plus is used to avoid waste and extra weight, while insuring the proper coverage for maximum effect.

What Works Best

In order for the Sailkote to work best, the sail must be clean and grime free, with as much mildew removed as possible.SAILKOTE Plus is best applied to a brand new sail just after it is totally complete. Treating the fabric alone is not enough, as much of the mildew is introduced through the stitch holes and exposed fabric edges (such as along seams).



Sanders Sails
Sanders Sails
White Sails
White Sails
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